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Networking for Sales Growth


Cost: Free

This event is part of Go Succeed, a new support service from local councils in Northern Ireland that can help to start, grow or scale a business.

Dale Carnegie (1956) said: "People do things for 'their' reasons, not ours. So, find their reasons”, and this is still relevant today, especially when networking for sales growth. Successful networking helps to build long-lasting relationships, ensuring people and prospects are interested in us.

To succeed in that, we need to be interested in them. This webinar provides valuable information on how to get people to like you, trust you and be interested in you.

It provides a quick step-by-step networking model that ensures you are received authentically and sincerely, and sales are generated afterward.

You will leave with a more confident approach and know how to network successfully.


16 October 2024, 13:00 - 14:00
Online event

Cost: Free



Event organiser

Go Succeed
c/o Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities
2 Marsham Street
United Kingdom: England

0800 027 0639
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