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DECODE: Tech for Non Tech Founders (and the potential for AR/VR)


Cost: Free

Those of us who are really old (teenagers in the 1980s...) will remember the SuperBowl (on Clarence Street West, beside Invest NI) and the first generation virtual reality fighting game they had with the huge headset. In those heady day it cost a couple of quid to play for a few minutes and though I don't remember much nausea, I also don't remember having the ability to move around!

Needless to say, Virtual Reality (and Augmented Reality) has come a long way.

This evening, we will have a closer look at AR/VR/XR (Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality) technology. The interesting part is the potential outside of straight entertainment and tourism and how this can be used to inform, educate and guide in other contexts. There are libraries of patents on this in a "medical expertise assistant" context but this is scratching the surface of the technology.

There'll be time for a chat as well as serious discussion on platforms (ARCore for Android, ARKit for IOS, AFrame for WebVR, Unity 3D plugins), ideas and new approaches, accompanied by some case studies.

Northern Ireland has some excellent legacy in this. Eleven years ago (in 2009 for the International Symposium of Electronic Art in Belfast), The Design Zoo were demonstrating augmented reality apps in an entertainment context and a startup company (AugmentedSpace) was trying to convince local investors that AR was a thing. They couldn't have possibly known they were a decade ahead of the curve. Their initial pitch, content plays which (possibly) traded on television shows like Primeval, just didn't grab the attention of the local investment community.

We're also very lucky to have a Immersive Technology chapter (and facilitator) of the Digital Catapult. An excellent first point of contact for anyone interested in the technology. 

So, come on, pop a headset on and leave your reality behind!

Dates and venues

20 February 2020, 18:00 - 20:00
Raise Ventures, Belfast, BT1 2NB

Cost: Free

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Raise Ventures
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