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Customer Service Training Course


Cost: £226.97

The first part of good Customer Service that we teach is, if the phone is ringing, answer it. Common sense some would say but the amount of people who recognise a caller’s number but don’t answer it for fear of a complaint or a complex question that they cannot answer is truly amazing. By not answering the phone simply escalates what could be a simple question to resolve, with proper training.

During our Customer Service Training Course you will learn about:

  • Training your staff to be knowledgeable about the product or service and empower them to make decisions to resolve minor complaints.
  • Truly listening to what the customer is stating and respond positively.
  • Not over promising or giving promises you can’t keep.
  • Deal with complaints.
  • Be helpful even when there’s no sales opportunity.
  • Go the extra mile.
  • Everyone likes a gift.

What will you gain from the day?

The course has been designed over one (1) day to give a full understanding of the art of effective Customer Service and will cover the following areas;

  • Understand and describe the values needed for truly exceptional customer service
  • Learn how to connect with a customer either over the phone or face-to-face taking ownership of the issue and being able to offer a solution.
  • Develop a strategy to meet and exceed customers’ expectations and deliver customer satisfaction.
  • Create an incident action plan which can be implemented across customers services immediately.
  • Manage difficult customers in a professional and confident manner while deescalating any tension.

Who has the course been designed for?

  • Sales Team Leader
  • Office / Administration Team
  • Customer Service
  • Inside Sales Executive
  • Sales Executive
  • Business Development Executive


Trainers Background

Stephen McComb has almost 25 years’ experience in International Sales and has opened both Public and Private sector accounts throughout the world. Stephen bases his courses on his “real-world experiences and mixes it with theory to give each sales person a blended approach to help them understand the sales process and to sell more. Stephen has sold extensively to business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), public Tenders and reverse tender auctions. Stephen counts his achievements as opening multi-million-pound accounts with Marks & Spence Plc, Cathy Pacific Airline, Marriott Hotels and the US Government.

In Stephens own words he says, "to be successful in sales you must first listen to what the customer wants and then provide a solution. All too often sales people have a script they recite and never stop to ask the customer what is it that they need or want".

What should you bring?

All training material will be provided so you don’t need to bring anything other than a willingness to learn.


Delegates who fully attend the course will receive a certificate on the course completion.

Dates and venues

13 December 2018, 09:30 - 17:00
Ormeau Business Park, Belfast, BT7 2JA

Cost: £226.97

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Event organiser

DSM Training & Consultancy
39 Woodford Park
BT66 7HA
United Kingdom: Northern Ireland

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