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Considering customs procedures (part 2)


Cost: Free

Deepen your understanding of customs considerations.

What you’ll learn

  • what information is required for an export declaration
  • how to find your commodity code
  • how rules of origin can impact your exports

Building on Customs Procedures Part 1, this module will deepen your understanding of customs paperwork and how to prepare for moving your goods. We’ll help you understand what details are required to complete an export declaration and the online tools that can help you find the correct information for your business.

In this session we will cover commodity codes, rules of origin and valuing goods for export.  Finally, we’ll signpost you to resources that can offer further support.

Rimante Bang
UK Export Academy Adviser, Department for Business and Trade

Rimante has worked for a range of private and public sector organisations both in the UK and overseas. She has over 20 years of both import and export experience in various international markets, including 16 years living and working in South Korea, which allowed her to gain invaluable exposure to Asian markets and business culture. She has experience across retail, education, consumer electronics, food and nutraceutical sectors.


18 July 2024, 14:00 - 15:00
Online event

Cost: Free


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