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Ulster University

As Northern Ireland’s civic university, Ulster University is grounded in the heart of the community and strives to make a lasting contribution to society as a whole. Renowned for its world-class teaching, Ulster aims to transform lives, stretch minds and develop the skills required by a growing economy. The outcomes of our research have global significance with local relevance, and contribute to the social, economic and cultural betterment of our region.

Civic Contribution
At Ulster we have a strong sense of civic responsibility. As we are the only university spread across Northern Ireland we have the opportunity to fully participate and deliver meaningful impact across the wider community. We support our students and give them the necessary skills so they can build a better future for those around them.

Academic Excellence
Academic excellence permeates every aspect of our endeavours. We have an educational experience that develops skills, raises ambitions and prepares future leaders.

Global Vision
Our research is world-leading and globally relevant, we work with other universities around the world to deliver ground-breaking research that can help future generations. 

Operational Excellence
Throughout our campuses we have a vibrant community of staff members, all talented and skilled individuals, that inspire our students and prepare them for life after university. 

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Ulster University
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