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The Skillful Pass

Allan Cree set up The Skillful Pass in 1997 having worked for DuPont for ten years. 

The Skillful Pass has customers in both private & public sectors. Clients range from small owner managed companies to multinational FTSE-100 companies & NY-SE listed corporations. Their activities include councils, food services, food production, engineering, construction, landscaping, laundry, warehousing, logistics, telecommunications, healthcare, recycling, waste management & the manufacture of electronic components, composites, pharmaceuticals, chemicals & packaging. Customers of the Skillful Pass have a 100% record of passing ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 initial & surveillance assessments. The Skillful Pass has assisted with:

  • Preparing for & hosting corporate audits.
  • Preparing for & assisting with assessments following major non-conformances. (Two customers were recommended to the Skillful Pass in this situation.)

The Skillful Pass has assisted customers in making tender & PQQ responses in areas such as:

  • Waste treatment, haulage & recycling.
  • Facilities management, cleaning, catering & security.
  • Construction, grounds maintenance, landscaping & plant hire.
  • Vehicle maintenance & repair.
  • Supply of a wide range of materials including vehicles, vehicle spares, plants & security devices.
  • GPS vehicle tracking.
  • Recruitment services.
  • Testing, certification & servicing of lifting & fall arrest equipment.

Tender & PQQ services range from:

  • Writing all answers. (Ghost writing is more accurate as the customer's knowledge is written down.)
  • Writing selected answers.
  • Reviewing proposed submissions or selected answers & making suggestions.
  • Planning & writing notes for how to answer selected questions. 
  • Providing options & ideas to answer questions. (Some tenders restrict pages, words or characters in answers. Others do not. Different techniques are useful in answering different types of questions.) 
  • Preparing supporting evidence for answers. This includes listing photos to take, taking photos, preparing checklists & preparing procedures. (All management system documents are available.)
  • Preparing & delivering bid presentations.
  • Assisting customers to check that specific items have been included when pricing.
  • Assisting customers to prepare pricing models.
  • Helping to manage risk e.g. hedging fuel for multi year contracts where prices will rise with RPI.
  • Analysing the cost matrix for opportunities & risks.

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The Skillful Pass
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