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Southern Regional College - Business Support & Innovation Centre

The Business Support & Innovation Centre based at Southern Regional College can offer funded support to local businesses. In working with clients we serve pre-start-ups, start-ups and established businesses, sole traders and micro-enterprises, small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and multinationals.

The Business Support & Innovation Centre works with companies from across Northern Ireland, particularly in the Southern region. We also have clients in the Republic of Ireland.

The services on offer at the Business Support & Innovation Centre are:

  • One-to-one funded mentoring and consultancy in a wide range of areas
  • 75% off non mandatory training courses- eligibility criteria applies
  • Research and design expertise in a range of industries
  • Technology and knowledge transfer
  • Customised training and workforce development
  • Student, graduate and academic placements
  • Higher Level Apprenticeships/Apprenticeships
  • Networking and partnership opportunities

 We can offer bespoke solutions to your business and service the entire business life cycle. Contact us today to see how we can develop your business needs, call 028 3025 9664 or email betterbusiness@src.ac.uk.

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Southern Regional College - Business Support & Innovation Centre
Greenshoots, Greenbank Campus, Ballinacraig Way
BT34 2QX
United Kingdom: Northern Ireland

028 302 59664
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