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International Synergies NI

We are a team of highly experienced sustainability professionals with expertise in providing strategic advice to business leaders in matters ranging from the circular economy to Net-Zero and ESG.

We are recognised global specialists in applied Industrial Symbiosis, which is a key component of the Circular Economy.

We specialise in helping businesses to reduce their reliance on virgin materials, reduce their waste to going to landfill, reduce CO2e emissions, and save money in the process by matching unwanted resources from one business with another business that wants them.

This is what the circular economy is all about and our service, ‘Resource Matching and Efficiency’ is the main way we deliver these benefits to businesses.

For the more technical reader, you will know this process is called, ‘Industrial Symbiosis’. If you’re just finding out about this for the first time, don’t worry about the jargon, we’re just here to improve your environmental impact and your financial bottom line.

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