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Training and Business Support
We provide advice and support services to employers in the electrical contracting sector with apprentice recruitment and skills training needs.  Part of our mission includes liaison with the careers service, post primary schools and other support agencies on behalf of the local industry.  Constraints and shifts in local Government policy brought about an end to the organisations lengthy history in training apprentice electricians. Until 2016, the organisation had successfully recruited and trained over 5000 apprentice electricians in the local economy.

AM2 Skills Test
We operate the only Achievement Measurement 2 Centre in Ireland under license from National Electrotechnical Training (NET).  The AM2 test is compulsory for apprentices, adult trainees and upskilling workers who seek to gain industry recognised qualified status.

The purpose of the AM2 is to ensure that all qualifying installation electricians achieve a single standard that has been agreed by the employers in the industry as meeting their expectations from newly qualified personnel.  The AM2 provides a reliable and trusted independent assessment of safe, high quality standards for the electrical installation industry; it is highly valued by employers, who regard it as proof of competence for an electrician.

Electrical Licence to Practice
Local employers, weary of the decline in standards brought about by sub-economic tendering, underwritten by the use of unqualified and underqualified workers, have become determined to reform the industry through a Licence to Practice system.

In 2013, the organisation successfully developed and introduced an online electrical  Licence to Practice system that connects the competencies of individual electrical workers on a project by project basis and by licence type.

This appears in the form of a unique online workforce composition report, providing the client with the visibility, transparency and reporting tools to deter fraud and encourage improved contract performance.  The LtP system is designed to increase selectivity towards the appointment of electrical contractors and enhance social procurement values; the system ensures that only licenced electrical workers are employed on public sector contracts.

Since its formal adoption by CPD in February 2016, the application of the system extends towards one billion GBP worth of public sector construction work.

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