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barnett&fieldhouse exists to share tried and tested knowledge and experience of successful entrepreneurs and commercial leaders with a diverse range of business clients, proactively encouraging the growth of the individual and their business.

The method of sharing this education, knowledge and experience is through one on one mentoring, training, seminars and workshops for small or large business owners throughout the UK and Europe.

For the first time, these business owners have access to hundreds of powerful, yet relatively simple and affordable sales, marketing and team building strategies that have resulted in dramatic improvements in revenues & profit and in the leadership of those companies.

barnett&fieldhouse benefits from over 4 decades of combined commercial and strategic leadership experience which, coupled with targeted strategies, tailored to the specific needs of your business, we aim is to help and support you in achieving real, steady and sustainable growth, broadening your customer base and improving your bottom line, whilst giving you the confidence and knowledge to keep growing.

Our Vision:  “Business Excellence through Knowledge”

barnett&fieldhouse clients, whether small or large, are forward thinking, willing to learn and grow, and willing to work as a team in the development of their business and their people.  Together, you and your people will no longer ‘work in’ the business, you’ll become the business, gaining the valuable time and space you need to grow.

We select our clients based on attitude rather than size.  They choose to work with us because we understand people and the necessary systems you need to run a company.  We offer the most practical, most applicable and fastest strategies for sustainable growth and, most importantly, we mean what we say:

We give ordinary people extra-ordinary opportunities to have a more abundant life .

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