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Acordia Business Alliance

cordia provides business owners and key executives with easy access to quality consultancy services and the benefits of being part of a business peer group.

...Our mission is 'to help business owners and other leaders excel'

We focus on empowering you to see exactly what you can deliver for everyone and everything that is important in your life.

We have carved our niche helping those business owners who want to use smart strategies to accelerate their success. We want you to adopt a new way of thinking about the work you do, and how you do it to achieve much more.

Also, we want you to meet, and learn from others who have already stepped it up, and who not only have a new vision for success, but know what they need to do to achieve it.

Event organiser

Acordia Business Alliance
Weaver's Court Business Park
BT12 5GH
United Kingdom: Northern Ireland

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